About Elisheba Ruth

Elisheba Ruth is a pseudonym; it is not my real name. I use a pseudonym not because I am ashamed of what I have written, but because I still have to make a living in the secular world. In the secular world my background as an addict and a prostitute will hurt my chances of employment. As I am not a saint and have people who rely on me to help them out, or to repay them for the help they have given me, I need to be able to work.

I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering which I earned over three decades ago. I worked as a machine design engineer for fifteen years and have since worked as a software developer and engineer. I am self taught in a number of areas including quantum theory, astrophysics, genetics, archaeology, and others. I was in church as soon as I could remember and have read the bible several times as well as having studied it for various reasons.

I am a transsexual woman. I transitioned to begin living full time as a woman about six years ago and have done so since. I am accepted everywhere and all the time as a woman. I lived in rehab with between nineteen and twenty two woman for almost two weeks with no one guessing that I was a transsexual. I told them myself because I wanted to know who my true friends were.

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